Residence permit in Italy

Italy - one of the most attractive countries for foreigners in the world. And if some people dream only of traveling and resting here, others would like to stay to live in this country. There is nothing surprising in such desires people all over the world. Italy is interesting for each of us in its own way. Beautiful landscapes, amazing nature and delightful medieval installations- all this fascinates and creates a great mood. However, all those who plan to get a residence permit in Italy, should learn all the niceties of this process.


How is it possible to get a residence permit in the country?

Under the permit for residence in Italy, it is accepted to understand a special permit that is issued by a quaestor and that allows a citizen of another country to reside in Italy. It is important to understand that the residence permit in Italy can be both permanent and long-term.

With a view to improve the state of the country's economy, every year the government treats favourably the arrival of professional qualified foreign citizens. According to the law, there are a certain number of foreigners who are allowed to enter Italy.

On official grounds, the foreigner can stay in this country, having received a special visa "Selected residence in Italy", which enables to request residence permit in Italy. Such a document allows a foreigner to enter the country for finding in the future of official residence. Herewith a person should be able to fend for himself, excluding all possible types of work. Besides it, there are other ways when a foreigner can get a residence permit in the country and in the future permanently stay and work here. Among such ways:

- private labour activity;

- highly qualified foreigners;

- employment for hire;

- marriage with an Italian;

- students.

All these data motivations for the possibility to obtain a residence permit in Italy have their own definite terms, criteria, as well as quotas and requirements.