Flat rent in Como

Getting away from the city bustle and staying forever where the heart will find peace and finally find happiness is a dream for many city inhabitants. Someone with this purpose in summer goes to the country or does trekking in the mountains. And among us there are those who feel incredible fatigue from the city and want to buy property somewhere in the picturesque corner of the planet. Often with the desire to be in such a special paradise, tourists come to the world-famous Lake Como, located in the north of Italy.

It is worth noting that the neighborhood is quite densely populated. On the shores of the favorite lake, there are large and small towns and villages. Among the large settlements are Lecco and Como. There is an excellent combination of comfort and city opportunities with a seaside resort.

If there is such a desire to seclude and thus escape from the crowd of tourists and bustle, you can think for the recreation or permanent residence a small town called Tremezzo, where the popular botanical garden is located.

Another interesting place for tourists in this region is the town of Bellagio, which is located on the very edge of the cape, dividing the lake into two parts. From here you can very quickly get to any part of Como by boat.

Flat rent in Como is an excellent decision for all those tourists who, want to spend an unforgettable vacation or to stay to live in a picturesque corner of the country. In the latter case, you can consider the possibility of purchasing accommodations in this area.


Rental prices in Como

The cost of renting a house on a picturesque lake will depend on various factors. Among them:

  • location;
  • availability of conveniences;
  • total area;
  • type of housing: apartment, villa, private house.

If you are interested in renting an apartment in Como, choose the most interesting options yourself or contact the travel agencies for help. In this case, be sure to specify what kind of housing you are interested in. Prices for villas and private houses will be higher than for small one-bedroom apartments.

Choosing a place for relaxing a beautiful Italian lake, you will not regret your choice, as here you can really relax for body and soul.