Cuisine of Lake Como

Probably, each of us heard about an amazing lake called Como. Being located in the north of Italy (Lombardy) at the foot of the Alpine mountains, it is a resort area with exclusive living conditions. Many tourists come here just to relax, to see the true sights and even to seasonally settle down. The magical attraction to this heavenly corner is entirely justified. You have only to visit here once, and you will certainly want to return to the embrace of the "azure pearl". It's no secret that it is thanks to the efforts of Royal Como you can get completely that for what people need while coming to Lake Como.

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In a diverse list of services ROYAL COMO a special place is taken by the organization of events on Lake Como, which has become for tourists a kind of tempting and excellent "Mecca". What are the only exciting excursions and amazing trips which you can have a great time with. There is nothing better than to order a delightful auto tour, during which to enjoy the unseen beauty and charming coastal zones. From attention will not leave picturesque lagoons, wonderful places and luxurious vegetation full of chestnut, pomegranate, cypress and grapevine.

Some categories of holidaymakers can enjoy comfortable boats and magnificent yachts, which can bring to the senses acuteness or pacification. Among such trips, a special enthusiasm is caused by the flamboyant air travel by helicopter. After all, the RoyalComo company offers a transfer service by helicopter, and you can, from a bird's eye view, admire the amazing beauty of Como. And it is not so important whether it will be a speed race on the watery surface, rhythmic swaying on the waves or an air view of the underlying panorama. In any case, lots of emotions and the desired impressions are simply guaranteed!