Boat lease on Como

Rest on the shore of a picturesque lake is a dream for many tourists. And it is not wonder, because in such truly paradisiacal places of the earth you can enjoy the surrounding nature to your heart's content, rest not only for body, but also for soul, gather strength and become healthier. Choosing such a special place on the planet, many tourists prefer the shores of Lake Como. Clean air, incredible beauty of the place fascinates and gives a lot of positive emotions to everyone who is here.

Many opportunities are offered for everyone who wants to spend their time as interesting as possible here. Among the most popular there is a trip on the lake. Boat lease on Como is a service accessible to each tourist, allowing you to choose your own route and the time of a boat trip.

Interestingly, a ticket for an exciting water trip suggests that you will have such an opportunity to get off at any point of the coast where there is a stop, walk around the neighborhood, board another boat that will go on schedule and then go along the planned route. It is really the best opportunity to know the lake and its banks as much as possible.


Where to go boating?

As an option, you can get to know the lake better or go on a pre-planned route. Those wishing to enjoy the beauty of local landscapes and seclude in a romantic atmosphere are offered a trip to the island of Isola Comacina, which is located in the center of the lake. If you book a table at a local restaurant, you can get a delicious dinner and the opportunity to enjoy an excellent and unique show, which includes the so-called "fire ceremony".


What is the cost of leasing a boat?

Some tourists are sure that renting a boat in Como is a very expensive service. In reality, the price will depend on the following factors:

  • condition of the boat;
  • time of lease;
  • number of people.

Choosing not a new boat for a short time with a small number of travelers you can save money and at the same time enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature to your heart's content.