5 restaurants with panoramic views to Lake Como

Having heard only one magical word Lake Como, we want to transfer in a flash there. And it's not without purpose. It's worth only to imagine for a moment the majestic-snowy Alps, the secluded-blue lagoons and the delightful green covers, and you already cannot be hold by anything. This is human nature, and it is unlikely, perhaps, to change it. The desire to visit one of the beautiful pearls of Italy and spend there, at least a couple of days is a dream of many people. It is no wonder that every year the flow of those who wish to visit this paradise is only increasing.

And it is the well-known and successful company Royal Como that helps to incarnate these plans. What is worth only its one wide and qualitative range of services, causing delight and temptation to invariably try them. After all, they take into account the wishes of the customers as much as possible, they meet the most demanding claims, and, most importantly, make each guest's stay impressive and worth the investment. And this should not be doubted! Stunning service, moderate prices and exciting leisure programs, that is supplemented by constant and pleasant surprises. Is it possible to dream about such a fairy tale? And here, to your refined taste - an excellent "menu", which is envied by eminent competitors.

In the list of popular ROYAL COMO services, of course, there are unforgettable and exclusive excursions to Lake Como. The latter not only open a beautiful and wonderful world, but also give the missing emotions, supplementing them with adrenaline experiences. For sure, many will want to ride with a breeze on a comfortable boat or high-speed yacht, looking from the deck to the water surface and the coastal "oases". Others like insatiable bathing, deep diving or a temporary stop in the local towns, located along the lake.

In the end, the maximum of pleasures is guaranteed. You can go on a n other path, ordering a tempting auto tour around Como. With its help you will be able to drive across and through interesting places, gaze at the picturesque nature and even touch it by feel. All this will become possible in the case that the preference will be given to Royal Como. It not only surprises, but also implements unthinkable desires. And this is confirmed by one of its incredible services - a dizzying transfer by helicopter, which is often so lacking in life. Plunge into the stunning element of travel, which, for sure, dreamed for a long time!